irene davidson
Irene has a Science degee (major in Botany) followed by two years of post-graduate in Landscape Architecture, one year in secondary teaching training and a year of psychology, urban planning and design. She is starting to feel an itch to do more papers but is trying to resist.

Growing up in the far south of the far south (of New Zealand), Irene soon saw that it was a very long way to just about ...anywhere. She started travelling young -as a high school exchange student to that ‘other’ south, much further north than her own latitude …Tennessee, USA.

Post her post-graduate diploma, Irene boarded a plane (it's a long boat-ride, otherwise) and jetted off to London, where she worked in several jobs, including as a Landscape Architect in a building overlooking Buckingham Palace’s gardens, before producing the first of two adorable children -now both well on their way to adulthood. Her CV is now a strange mélange of academic acheivements, places travelled and a curious mix of workplaces ...she could also add several months of ‘Chateau cleaning’ in France  to her résumé but feels it may reduce the tone of the document.

Utilising the bountiful experiences garnered from all this travelling and working abroad, Irene has written four novels, Flowers in the Morning and Collecting Thoughts (set, respectively, in the Kent countryside and a chateau in Normandy, France), A Leaf on a Breeze and, most recently A Good Read several short stories. Irene is now working on novels five and six plus illustrations for a children’s book. ...She likes to keep busy.

Having returned to that ‘other’ south in 2016 for a year of living in the city of Chattanooga, Irene has recently relocated to Washington State with her husband, Tim and Smudge their rescued ex-racing greyhound, who sleeps in Seattle while she writes.

Irene's work can be found on Smashwords at and Facebook,

"A life of peace, purity, and refinement leads to a calm and untroubled old age."
"Yeah, right."
Tui beer ad campaign
(New Zealand)