1. A Good Read -Book One in The Athenaeum Library Series
    Out now!
Marion Thomas, American and newly arrived in a southern city, is nursing wounds from a tragedy that occurred on her birthday the year before. She is wandering her new hometown, merely looking for a coffee and hoping for a low-key celebration of how far she’s come -both literally and figuratively- in the past year.

Upon discovering a library in the basment of the cafe building, she finds far more than she anticipated.

For this is a mysterious Library that lends not only its books but the characters as well -though only to a chosen few and with a purpose to which no one other than the Librarian is privy.
Marion is informed by the tart-tongued Head Librarian, Mrs Sera Tosthene -whose name bears an uncanny resemblance to that of the chief librarian from the ancient library of Alexandria- that she has been selected to receive just such a 'gift with purchase'. Marion goes along with the ploy, though assuming that she is the unwilling patsy for a reality TV show she doesn’t take it all too seriously. Despite being instructed not to touch books she has no intention of borrowing, she runs her hands willy-nilly along the shelves. As a result, she is utterly gobsmacked to see a cast of literary characters running (and flying) around the library.

Mrs T., the Librarian is less than impressed at this outcome as she is forced to race around recapturing the escaped characters.

With a tight time restraint, and seconds to spare, Marion slides into home base with her hastily-chosen book. A slim volume, the title of which she cannot make out. She leaves with the book in a brown paper bag and instructions to begin reading only once she is home. Unimpressed with the experience, Marion retreats to the cafe and drinks several coffees, while she ignores the note Mrs T. has pinned to the bag.

Before she goes to sleep that night, Marion reads the first chapter of her chosen novel -which turns out to be Jack London's Call of the Wild, the story revolving around Buck, an enormous St. Bernard-Sheepdog cross. When, as promised, she receives her unexpected ‘gift with purchase’ in the form of a large slobbering canine companion who drops in on her (quite literally) at two in the morning she is initially terrified and subsequently forced to acknowledge that it all may be more real than she first assumed. Mrs T. extracts payback for the extra work she was obliged to do rounding up stray characters by giving Marion an additional gift -a small vampire bat by the name of Charlie!

...look out for this title on Smashwords if you want to know what happens next...number two in the series is a 'work in progress'.
  1. Leaf On a Breeze
    Book Two in the White Briars series: Available now.
​​For readers familiar with Book One in this series set in an extra-ordinary garden in Kent, this second installment in the White Briars series begins around two years on from the birth of Betony. ...Hamish and Liana's daughter.

It follows the life and goings-on of Sara Blaine, hard-working mum and owner-operator of Blaine's Nursery, a family-run business nestled within the stone perimeter walls of White Briar's woods.

Out for some much-needed personal time, Sara meets an itinerant musician, Greg, who says that he is trying out the country life for the summer. Despite an undeniable spark of attraction, Sara jogs back to her busy life, determined to forget about the handsome stranger while she gets on with the business of running her own business.

But life intervenes and Sara finds herself accepting an offer she can't refuse in the guise of assistance from Greg, who is familiar with the day-to-day routines of a busy family-run nursery.

Meanwhile, Green Jack, arch-nemesis of Liana, is ba-ack with a vegeance. He has plans for revenge and is searching for the opportunity to wrest power over the Garden away from Liana, whom he thinks is more concerned with matters familial than botanical.

As the summer moves on and Sara works alongside Greg, she discovers that her assistant is far more than the simple sometimes-musician she thought him to be ...but the path to their burgeoning romance proves to be no walk-in the-park when Green Jack sees his opportuntiy to strike at the very heart of Sara and Liana's lives.
  1. Collecting Thoughts
    A Chateau de Belagnac romance -revised cover and content out now!
Darcy's ex-husband, Patrick-le-Pew, turned out to be a right stinker. He casually announced over dinner one evening that he was leaving her for one of their dinner guests.

Darcy didn't see it coming.

Determined to start-over, she packs up her life and children, leaving London for rural France and a job designing a brand new garden for a rather old chateau, thinking this will be a golden opportunity to collect her thoughts before she moves on to something more permanent.

But life, like design and construction, seldom goes precisely to plan and Darcy discovers that unexpected opportunities and complications arrive in the form of the chateau's straight-shooting owner and local bad-boy-made-good, Gabriel Dubois, ...rendering her plans to lick her wounds while taking stock of her life somewhat obsolete.
  1. Flowers In The Morning
    Book One in the White Briars series -revised cover and content out now!
​​Hamish, a successful artist whose personal tragedies have left him broken and exhausted, is tired of London and life.

He doggedly searches for a new home in the south of England, believing that if he can find the perfect place in a countryside location it might give him the boost he needs to get his life back on track. His quest leads him to a forgotten corner of Kent and White Briars; a delightful Gothic cottage in a run-down but idyllic garden setting.

Moving into the cottage, Hamish belatedly discovers that the garden holds more than he bargained for – as it is already home to Liana, an immortal flower sylph whose prolonged grief makes his losses pale into insignificance.

Liana has slept years away in an attempt to hide from the repeated anguish of losing those she loves ...but her absence has left a vacuum. In reawakening Liana, the garden’s Guardian inadvertently quickens another less friendly spirit that had once been banished.

While battling reawakened Green Jack, Liana and Hamish must find a way to help one another to heal –and by doing so, hopefully begin a process that will allow the Garden to recover its former harmony and balance.

Little Dragon's Big Adventures...
The illustrations are an ongoing project of mine -perhaps for a children's picture book or a storybook.
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